Further developed weapons

What kind of weapons were developed during the war, when and by who?

Flare pistol

This pistol shoots fire light. This can be used as signalling to people and to not get pinpointed by the snipers. This was made by lieutenant edward. This was used for defensive weapon. This was developed from the pistol. This was made between 1847 to 1910 but it was further developed and it was use in during the war.


The French were the first one that are first to make solution to put the machine gun into the airplane and used it.  The airplane was used at april 1 1916. The machine gun was placed at the propellers. This was used for the offensive use and defensive.  This was more used in offensive way in The First World War.   

Grenade rifles and grenades

Grenades was simply attached to the files under the barrel. This was not use a lot in the battle. This was because the grenades was not accurately aimed to the enemy. This was used in 1916. People still continue to develop the grenade rifles after completed weapon. British pioneered with the french and improved the the cup grenade from average 180 to 200 meter to impressive 400 meter.    


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