What were the main weapons used by different countries at the beginning of the war?

  • Rifles
  • Bayonet
  • Pistols
  • Barbed wire
  • Grenades
  • Machine gun
  • Mortars
  • Flamethrower
  • Submarine (used from 1915)
  • Torpedoes
  • tank(tank was used from 1916)


  • Introduced in 1889 by the british
  • Mostly used by all country
  • 5 bullet per clip
  • Can put bayonet on to the rifle
  • There were different type of rifles


  • Early 17th century in France
  • Used by all sides from 1914-1918
  • Not very practical
  • Very simple design
  • Usually the Gewehr 98 rifle
  • A blade on the end of the rifle for close combat
  • Germans used a ‘saw-back’ blade with teeth pointing backwards to do more damage
  • Used for mainly offensive, aggressive combat
  • Extremely underpowered compared to machine gun
  • Impractical, ineffective and outdated


  • 1380 made
  • Design as cavalry weapon
  • Used in 1914-1918
  • This weapon is used at all countries

Barbed wire

  • Introduced by Joseph Glidden on 1879
  • Defensive material from the enemy
  • Placed ahead in the front line
  • Both side used barb wire


  • Sir William Mills made the grenades
  • Began usage at 16th century
  • Distance use of weapon
  • popularly used in british solders

Machine guns

  • Machine gun is put onto a tripod
  • In theory they shoot 400 to 600 calibre per minutes
  • People use rather did short burst than long burst to avoid heat cooling
  • There were some consequence to the machine guns
  • Offensive weapons


  • Ideally suited to be used at trenches
  • Both sides were using it
  • Baron Menno Coehoorn  is the inventor
  • Produced in 1673


  • Used in 1914 to 1915 by French and British
  • Idea of flamethrower is to spread the fire
  • Offensive use
  • German made use of portable flamethrower at 1915


  • Used in 1916
  • Invented by Lancelto de Mole
  • Invented in 1912
  • Offensive use  at the western front
  • French british people started to use in the war

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