Axel Reflection

The interdisciplinary unit I believe is a great way to learn and expand subject specific knowledge. It is great when you look at two different views of one specific event. I believe it helped my to understand how different types of language can be used to influence and manipulate people in one way and into leading them to make decisions that you want them to make. In history, I believe it is nice to understand how political leaders applied their knowledge of language and used that to rule.


The benefits are that we learn in a broader way, meaning we tackle more components of one subject. Instead of learning just what happened, we learn more how it happened, what lead up to it happening, etc. One thing that I believe is difficult to do though is to formulate a research question that is specific enough for both English and history.


I believe that the subject lessons and the exhibition has largely contributed to new interdisciplinary understandings because we got to understand both subjects from a different perspectives. In history, we looked at what happened during the war and in English we look at how literature affected the first world war. When we looked at it from such different perspectives I believe we learnt more about the two subjects.


The excursion to Ypres was great. We learnt a lot by looking at the different memorials and cementaries, for example the Tine Cot Memorial. Flanders museum was great for my research since it contained a lot of information about weaponry and technology and how/when they were used. I wish we would have looked at more museums instead of only looking at the different memorials and remembrances.


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