Exhibition set up

Here are some pictures of how we decided to set up the exhibition 12991872_1284861028208444_1241026731_o13063846_1284861018208445_267669874_o13062735_1284860988208448_181755829_o13052735_1284860994875114_202646995_o13054380_1284861024875111_667242276_o


Our Exhibition Plan

For our exhibition we are going to have 3 boards set up with pictures of different weapons. We are going to have no text on the boards, because this will be too distracting for the audience. We want there to be a desk with a laptop on it, and on that laptop we are going to have an interactive trivia game where the audience can drop and drag different pictures of weapons onto a timeline. We will then tell them what the weapons were and when they were made. This is a fun interactive activity that will teach the audience and keep them interested.

Research Question and Justification

Our research question for this topic was the following: How did trench warfare spark inventions and innovations in weaponry from the beginning of the first world war till the end?

We believed that this was a good research question because it was specific and time bound. It clearly states the topic of our project: inventions and innovations in weaponry. It clearly states the timeline of our project: the duration of the first world war.

This research question can also be easily answered, but since it is not a ‘yes-no’ question it opens a large amount of possibilities for sub questions or other aspects to research.

Why weaponry and technology?

We decided to chose the topic of advancement in technology and mainly weaponry. This is because in class we have not talked a lot about weaponry, mainly just what has happened and evaluating poems. This is why we wanted to look further into the weaponry and the effect it had on the battlefields and strategies. We all were also interested and intrigued on the subject of weaponry. We also believed that when we know how weaponry has changed and had an effect on battles, we will have a better understanding of the First World War why the things that happened, happened.



Hello and welcome to our website!

We are going to be investigating the change and advancement in technology and weaponry during the First World War. We will be investigating who made the advancements, when they were made, who they affected and why it was significant.

Here is our research plan including our research question and sub-questions:

How did trench warfare spark inventions and innovations in weaponry from the beginning of the first world war till the end?

Sub questions:

  • What were the main weapons used by different countries at the beginning of the war?
  • What kind of weapons were developed during the war, when and by who?
  • What new weapons were invented and pioneered during the war, when and by who?
  • What effects did these newly created and developed weapon have on the war?   

We are also going to be looking into how the advancements were portrayed in poems and letters from poems. This is because this project is a part of an IDU (Interdisciplinary Unit), including the subjects of History and English. The History part is going to be investigating the change in weaponry and the consequences of these advancements and the English part is going to be looking into how the weaponry and technology was portrayed in language.