Yuki Relection for this unit

Interdisciplinary unit is a way to explore from two subjects. They are English and history. From the English part of the IDU I understand about the affect of war and how was the war like in the period. Our group focused in effects of weapons at tranches. And focused on the effect of the weapon done to people. We also made poems my our self on different weapon use to show the effect on the weapon during trench warfare and to people. The other subject is history. In history we understand more on the context and historical information that group and I could get in Ypres trip and Internet. Ypres trip was useful for getting some information and help us get ready the information.

The benefit was that when we were in Ypres there was useful information that we needed and understand more about the specific topic about the weaponry. Then also what lead up to the war. Also at during the exhibition I might learn bit extra about the weaponry. Not just about the weapons and affect in the war but also about effect to people it had and change in weaponry. The benefit studying form these two subjects was that it could learn form both side of the subject. The thing that could make it more benefit or could be another subject can be added maybe that could be related in the WWI exhibition.

The drawback was that I think we could get more information and could improve on the poster in such a way to make people attractive and more interactive to people. in words we could have made the research question more specific and more sub question to answer some of unknown question. Other drawback was that there was not that much people at our part of the exhibition so there could improve on that so that it makes people stay in the aula for some times.

The new understand in the IDU exhibition was that by combining these two subject it help understand about the affect to the war in English way and historical way in the war world 1 unit in certain extent. It can see from English perspective by poems and articles. Then from the historical perspective we could research by Internet and trip to Ypres help us to get ready for the exhibition.

Also talking to the audience it made us understands a bit more. But the group and I could not understand that a lot because of the people that was there not lot of people was their in our part of the world war 1 exhibition. But I did learn from taking with audience.

The role of going the Ypres help us student to learn about different topics and that was mostly covered in the war. So from my group it helps to understand about the weaponry and some effect in the war. But not all the information was necessary for the topic that my group was using. This trip role is to help with some of the information gathering and to repair to talk about some of the specific topic. For us I think it help us with our topic. It helps more in gathering about historical information rather than English part of the IDU. This trip help us gather and think of further plan so that we are repaired for the exhibition. So I think it was useful trip to be done. I think that this trip was fine thing to do because we experience that we never done before.